Infytq Placement Papers 2023

Infytq Placement Papers 2023

26 May 2023


One of the top IT businesses in the world, Infosys, only hires those who pass the INFYTQ placement test. Examining a candidate's aptitude, capacity for logical reasoning, and programming skills is the major goal of this test. These are fundamental abilities needed for employment in the technologically advanced corporation Infosys.

There are three parts to the INFYTQ placement test. The initial phase includes an online test that applicants must complete. An examination of a candidate's aptitude and capacity for logical reasoning is frequently conducted on a computer. In this test's multiple-choice questions, candidates must select the correct response from a list of options.

Candidates must pass a coding examination during the second round of the INFYTQ placement exam. Applicants frequently have to write code to complete a certain programming task or address a specified challenge. The coding test, which typically takes place in a controlled environment, is frequently offered to applicants with a defined amount of time.

The INFYTQ placement test is required for those who want to work at Infosys. It assists the business in locating applicants who are qualified for positions in the IT sector. Also, it offers candidates an opportunity to show off their qualifications in a demanding and hectic setting.

The INFYTQ placement exam is difficult to pass, so candidates must study hard to be successful. We will offer helpful advice on how to pass the INFYTQ placement exam in this article. To assist applicants in their exam preparation, we will go over the syllabus, exam format, and preparation techniques. Also, we will offer to practice tests with answers to assist candidates.

Job searchers will have a better knowledge of the INFYTQ placement exam and the skills necessary to pass it by the end of this article. Individuals who use this knowledge in their exam preparation would have a better chance of getting hired by Infosys.

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Infosys is a multinational corporation that specializes in business consulting, information technology, and managed services. Infosys has grown its commercial activities to more than 40 nations since its establishment in 1981. Its headquarters are in Bangalore, India.

INFYTQ is a platform built by Infosys for teaching and recruiting new engineering graduates. The examination process rates candidates' technical and analytical skills. Data structures and algorithms, object-oriented programming, and principles of programming are just a few of the programming-related topics addressed by INFYTQ.

The INFYTQ hiring process typically has two steps. In the initial stage, online testing is utilized to assess a candidate's aptitude, capacity for logical thought, and programming skills. After passing the first round, candidates are invited to take a coding test in the next round.

INFYTQ places a significant emphasis on innovation and problem-solving, and the business demands that all of its employees possess strong technical expertise as well as the capacity for critical and creative thought. Successful candidates for INFYTQ can anticipate working in a demanding and exciting environment where they will have the chance to work on cutting-edge projects and have a real impact on the world.

Infytq Exam Pattern 2023

Infosys administers the INFYTQ exam to qualified engineering graduates seeking employment in a variety of corporate positions. The INFYTQ placement exam format is intended to gauge a candidate's aptitude, critical thinking, and coding abilities. The qualifying round and the final round are the two parts of the exam.

Qualification Round:

Two portions make up the online exam that serves as the qualifier:

  • Ability test
  • Test of programming
  • The qualifying round lasts for a total of three hours.

Aptitude Test 

The INFYTQ Qualification round's opening round is the aptitude test. The purpose of this section is to assess the candidate's capacity for analysis and reasoning. There are 20 multiple-choice questions and it takes 40 minutes to complete (MCQs). The table below shows the breakdown of the aptitude test.


Number of questions

Time Duration



40 Minutes

Programming Test

The second phase of the INFYTQ Qualification round is the Programming Test. The purpose of this segment is to assess the candidate's programming abilities. It takes two hours to complete and has one programming question. In the language of their choosing, the candidate must develop code to solve the provided challenge. The breakdown of the programming test is displayed in the following table.

Last Round:

Candidates that pass the Qualifying round are interviewed by Infosys in the Final Round, which is an interview stage. The 30- to 45-minute interview can either be conducted in person or online. The interviewing panel evaluates the candidate's technical, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills.


The format of the INFYTQ placement paper exam is summarised in the table below:


Number of questions

Time duration

Aptitude Test


40 minutes



30 minutes

Programming Fundamentals


20 minutes

Python Programming


20 minutes

The INFYTQ placement paper exam is structured to assess a candidate's aptitude, deductive reasoning, and programming skills. This is followed by an interview to assess the candidate's technical, interpersonal, and problem-solving abilities.


It is crucial for engineering graduates to succeed on the INFYTQ placement exam if they want to work with Infosys. An aptitude test and a programming test are administered during the exam's qualifying stage, and an interview is conducted during the final round. Candidates must put in a lot of practice and fully prepare for the test.

It is essential to practise answering questions from previous tests and become comfortable with the exam structure. In order to help candidates prepare for the Infytq placement test, we also suggest that they explore websites like LeetCode, GeeksforGeeks, HackerRank, and other programming sites. To assist applicants in honing their coding skills, these websites offer courses and coding challenges.

We think that applicants attempting to pass the Infytq placement test would find the advice and insights in this post to be beneficial. Success is attainable with the right preparation and instruction.

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