Syllabus & Pattern

30 March 2023

Mu Sigma Recruitment process:

  • MuApt test
  • Case Study
  • Personal Interview

Mu Sigma Exam Pattern

Section wise details

MuApt is further divided in 6 subsections:

  1. Aptus (Quantitative Aptitude)
  2. Latus (Logical Aptitude)
  3. Tekhne (Technical Aptitude Questions)
  4. Personalis (Personality based assessment)
  5. Communicationis (Written COmmunication skills)
  6. Industria (Industry based knowledge)

General Knowledge:

This section has general knowledge based questions.

Case study:

This is a Business communication round, in which candidate's perspective is checked on various business related situations. This round is conducted by Talview. It is a computerised test in which student has to give answers to questions related to business conditions.

Types of questions being asked in Talview:

Is optimism good or bad?
If you want to open a business, then which place will you choose?
How would you manage your team if you are a team leader?

(Note: There will not be any correct answer to any of these questions. You just have to project your view on given topics)

Important topics

  • Aptus (Quantitative Aptitude):
  1. Time and Work
  2. Data interpretation
  3. Ratios & Proportions
  4. Equations
  5. Profit & Loss
  6. Time, Speed & Distance
  7. Average
  8. Progressions
  9. Geometry
  • Latus (Logical Aptitude):
  1. Visual Reasoning
  2. Attention to Detail
  3. Blood Relationships
  4. Statements & Conclusions
  5. Flowcharts
  6. Logical Reasoning
  • Tekhne (Technical Aptitude Questions):

In this section, 5 Psuedocode questions will be asked to check your programming fundamentals.

  • Personalis (Personality based assessment):

This will be like a situation reaction test. You need to express how would you react in the given situation.

  • Communicationis (Written Communication skills):
  1. Grammar
  2. Sentence Correction
  3. Reading Comprehension
  4. Synonyms & Antonyms
  • Industria (Industry based knowledge):

These questions will be based on the industrial knowledge. Mostly questions related to Data Science or Data Analytics will be asked, as Mu SIgma mostly works in these fields.

(Note: A document related to industrial topics would be shared with you 2-3 hours before exam. You have to go through it before appearing for test)

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