To prepare for a campus placement aptitude test, it is important to focus on the specific topics and types of questions that are commonly covered in such tests. Some of the key topics you should focus on include arithmetic, algebra, geometry, number systems, and data interpretation.

To prepare for these topics, you can start by reviewing the basic concepts and formulas that are commonly used in each of these areas. You can then practice solving a variety of problems from these topics to improve your understanding and build your problem-solving skills.

In addition to practicing specific topics, it is also important to develop your overall aptitude and problem-solving skills. This can be done by practicing a wide range of problems from different topics, and by looking for patterns and strategies that can be used to solve different types of problems more efficiently.

To practice for a campus placement aptitude test, you can use a variety of resources, such as books, online tutorials and practice tests, and mock tests. It is also helpful to take a few full-length practice tests under timed conditions to get a sense of the time pressure and the types of questions you can expect on the actual test.