Bosch Syllabus And Exam Pattern 2023

Bosch Syllabus And Exam Pattern 2023

by Ajinkya Kulkarni | Updated on 30 May 2023

by Ajinkya Kulkarni | Updated on 30 May 2023

About Bosch 
Bosch Complete Detailed Exam Syllabus 2023
Bosch Exam Pattern 2023
Bosch Selection Process
How to Prepare for the Bosch Placement Exam in 2023?
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About Bosch 

The Bosch placement examination is a highly competitive exam. It is directed at engineering graduates who dream to work with Bosch. It is a cosmopolitan engineering and technology corporation. The test is designed to examine the professional talents of the candidates. It is divided into two rounds - an online quiz and a technical interview. 

BoschComplete Detailed Exam Syllabus 2023

The Bosch placement exam syllabus covers a varied variety of areas. Here is a brief breakdown of the prospectus:

Bosch Logical Reasoning Detailed Syllabus

The Logical Reasoning sector quizzes the applicant's ability to think sensibly and methodically. The segment embraces questions based on puzzles, blood relations, and directions.

Bosch Numerical Capability Detailed Syllabus

The Numerical Capability unit appraises the contender's mathematical aids. The sector comprises questions on average, SI, profit and loss, and many more.

Bosch Verbal Ability Detailed Syllabus

The Verbal Ability segment examines the applicant's language skills. This segment contains questions based on comprehension, synonyms, catching errors, and para jumbles.

Bosch Technical Assessment Detailed Syllabus

The Technical sector gauges the applicant's familiarity and aids in their engineering fields. The unit consists of questions on digital electronics, DS, machines, power electronics, etc.

Bosch Exam Pattern 2023

Online Test

The online quiz is a computer-based exam and is for 90 minutes. The online examination entails two sections - Aptitude and Technical. The Aptitude segment is further separated into three sub-sections. That is to say - mathematical ability, logical and verbal ability. The Technical section appraises the applicant's acquaintance in their particular engineering fields. Each sector has 30 questions, making a total of 60 questions. The online exam is planned to assess the acquaintance with various aptitude skills.

Technical Interview

Entrants who clear the online exam are called for a technical interview. The technical interview is shown by a panel of experts. It is aimed at assessing the candidate's skills in their particular engineering fields. The interview is commonly 30-40 minutes long. It focuses on the contender's capability to apply knowledge in real-world circumstances.

Bosch Selection Process

1st Round ( Elimination Round ):

Aptitude Section

1. Quantitative Ability ( 14 questions in 20 minutes)
2. Logical Ability (14 Questions in 14 minutes)
3. English Comprehension ( 22 Questions in 18 minutes )
Core Section 

1. Power Electronics and Drivers ( 5 Questions in 5 minutes )
2. Electronics and Embedded Systems Engineering (25 Questions in 30 minutes)
3. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (12 Questions in 15 minutes)

2nd Round:

Technical Interview Round

Duration : 30-35 minutes

1. Introduce yourself
2. To brief about the Mini Project
3. Difference b/w MP & MC
4. Truth Table definition
5. Half Adder truth table & expression 
6. Aptitude question based on ages
7. Types of Flip Flops & brief any one among them

Both HR & Technical interview were concluded in single technical round

No Coding Questions 

How to Prepare for the Bosch Placement Exam in 2023?

Here are some instructions to qualify for the Bosch placement assessment:

  •  Comprehend the Exam Pattern and Syllabus:- It is imperative to have a clear perception of the assessment pattern and syllabus. It is to prepare well for the Bosch test.
  •  Focus on the Basics:- Focus on the essentials of your engineering field. Assure that you have a strong foundation in the core notions.
  •  Practice Previous Year Papers:- Solve previous year's placement papers and sample papers. It will enable you to get an impression of the sorts of questions asked in the assessment paper.
  •  Improve Your Aptitude:- Work on improving your logical reasoning, mathematical, and verbal skills by practising regularly.
  •  Stay Updated with Current Affairs:- Stay updated with the latest technology and events in your chosen engineering field.
  •  Join Online Forums and Communities:- Join online forums and groups linked to your engineering field. Do so to acquire the involvement of other students and experts.
  •  Stay Confident and Calm:- Manage your time well and try to endure focused all over the exam. It is vital to stay poised and calm during the examination to execute well.


The Bosch placement assessment is a highly competitive test. It examines the mechanical aptitude of the candidates. The test pattern consists of an online exam and a technical cross-examination. On the other hand, the prospectus refuges a wide choice of areas. Questions are based on logical, mathematical, verbal ability, and technical expertise. To pass the Bosch placement examination, it is essential to 

  • comprehend the examination pattern and syllabus, 
  • concentrate on the fundamentals, 
  • practice old exam papers, 
  • improve aptitude skills, 
  • stay updated with the latest news, 
  • join communities, and stay composed during the examination.

Bosch is a prominent establishment with a highly selective recruitment process. Applicants who clear the Bosch placement question paper have a chance of getting a job with the firm. Therefore, it is vital to prepare well for the assessment and give it your finest shot.

Along with practical skills, entrants should also focus on their problem-solving skills. These talents are highly valued by administrators. It can give aspirants an edge over other candidates.

In conclusion, the Bosch placement exam is an extremely competitive assessment. It tests the technical and aptitude skills of the applicants. The exam outline entails a test and a technical interview. The prospectus carries a wide range of topics. Applicants can crack the assessment by staying confident and calm during the exam. By following these tips, applicants can upsurge their chances of locking a job with Bosch.

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Ask Us Anything !

The suitability criteria for appearing in the Bosch placement assessment varies. It is grounded on the job role and the level of expertise required. Normally, those with a degree from a recognized institution are entitled to apply.

The selection course for Bosch consists of a test and a technical interview. Entrants who clear the online examination are called for a technical interview.

The online examination for the Bosch placement test is directed for 90 minutes.

The Bosch test syllabus covers a wide range of topics. That is to say - logical reasoning, numerical ability, verbal, and practical skills.

Yes, there is a negative marking on the Bosch placement test. For each incorrect reply, 0.25 marks are deducted

To prepare for the Bosch placement assessment, applicants should