NTT Data Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2023

NTT Data Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2023

by Ajinkya Kulkarni | Updated on 26 May 2023

About NTT Data

To do well on the NTT Data placement test, you should familiarize yourself with the test's content and format. Application development, cloud computing, infrastructure management, and more are just some of the many services offered by NTT Data, an international IT services provider. In this paper, we will examine the NTT Data course load and examination structure in detail.

One of the most challenging assessments for IT professionals is the NTT Data placement exam. The technological expertise of NTT Data has made it a household name. A comprehensive placement test is given by the company to evaluate potential employees' levels of expertise. The placement exam is broken up into several different sections, such as mathematics, reasoning, English, and technical skills.

NTT Data is a Japanese conglomerate that operates on a global scale to provide information technology services. The company has a substantial presence in India, where it annually employs thousands of locals. NTT Data is renowned in the industry for its innovative thinking and cutting-edge technology.

Complete Detailed Exam Syllabus 2023

Quantitative Aptitude:

  • Time work
  • Profit loss
  • Algebra
  • Divisibility Rules
  • Number System
  • Simple Interest & Compound Interest
  • Surds & Indices
  • Time speed distance
  • LCM & HCF
  • Pipes & Cisterns
  • Engineering Mathematics

Logical Reasoning:

  • Blood relations
  • Coding - Decoding
  • Directional Sense
  • Logical Sequence
  • Statement & Conclusions
  • Analogy
  • Number Series
  • Data Sufficiency


  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Tenses
  • Articles
  • Voices & Speeches
  • Jumbled Sentences
  • Error spotting
  • Sentence improvement

Computer Programming Fundamentals:

  • Arrays, Linked Lists, Trees, Graphs
  • Stacks, Queues
  • Hash Tables
  • Heaps
  • Searching and Sorting
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Complexity Theory
  • Searching and Sorting
  • Complexity Theory
  • Data Types

NTT Data Exam Pattern 2023

Online Test:

  • Quantitative Aptitude 25 Que (35 Min)
  • Logical Reasoning 25 Que (35 Min)
  • English 25 Que (25 Min)
  • Computer Programming Fundamentals 25 Que (35 Min)

NTT Data Selection Process 2023

  1. Online Test
  2. Technical Interview
  3. Personal Interview

Eligibility Criteria for NTT Data

  • Degree: BTech, BCA, MCA, BE student
  • All branches allowed
  • Maximum education gap: 1 year
  • Maximum 1 active backlog is allowed
  • Aggregate marks: 60%

How to prepare for NTT Data Exam for 2023

NTT DATA's online placement test consists of three distinct tests: 

  1. Aptitude test

  2. Technical test

  3. English test

Your problem-solving abilities, technological acumen, and linguistic competence will all be tested here. The NTT DATA placement test is a computer-adaptive test, so the questions you get will vary based on the answers you gave in the past. If you get a question right, the next one will be harder, and if you get it wrong, the following one will be easy. The NTT DATA placement exam is difficult and needs much study. Here are some suggestions to help you get ready:

  • The first step in getting ready is to familiarize yourself with the course material. Check your knowledge of each section's material to ensure your success.

  • The aptitude exam is a measure of your ability to think critically and solve problems. Regularly engaging in the solution of a wide variety of issues is an excellent way to hone your problem-solving abilities.

  • The first and most important step in getting ready for the NTT Data placement test is to familiarize yourself with the test's content and format. Quantitative ability, logical thinking, the English language, and a technical portion are only a few of the many topics covered by the extensive course. Know the course material and how it will be tested.

  • When it comes to high-stakes tests, practice really does make perfect. Make sure you put in plenty of time practicing and working over questions from past years. This will familiarize you with the format of the test and allow you to practice answering similar questions quickly and accurately.

  • Find your areas of improvement and work on them. Learn more about the things that make you uncomfortable. You may expect to see a boost in both your performance in those categories and your total score as a result of doing this.

  • When it comes to high-stakes tests, time management is of the utmost importance. Be careful to use your time wisely during the exam. Get through the simple stuff first, then move on to the more involved stuff. You'll spend less time doing it and have a better chance of getting a good grade.

  • Finally, remember to keep your cool during the test. If you come across a challenging question, try not to freak out. Relax, take a few deep breaths, and see if you can figure out a solution. Keep in mind that maintaining your composure will improve your performance on the test.


In conclusion, the NTT Data placement test demands time, effort, and repetition to master. You should familiarize yourself with the material and test format, put in plenty of time studying, concentrate on your weak spots, use time management skills, and maintain your composure under pressure. Your chances of passing the NTT Data placement exam and landing a job with one of the world's top IT service providers will greatly improve if you follow these guidelines.

Because of its competitive nature, the NTT Data placement test necessitates thorough familiarity with the exam's content and format. Quantitative ability, logical thinking, the English language, and a technical portion are only a few of the many topics covered by the extensive course. Successfully passing the NTT Data placement test requires diligent preparation, with special attention paid to areas of weakness.

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The NTT Data placement test is a timed, competitive exam designed to gauge an applicant's preparedness for a career in information technology.

Quantitative ability, logic, English, and a technical part are just some of the topics covered in the NTT Data placement test. It's an enormous curriculum that touches on many different areas.


Typically, MCQs make up the bulk of the NTT Data placement exam. The exam structure consists of several different parts, including a numerical ability test, a logical reasoning test, an English language test, and a technical element. Exams typically last between 90 and 120 minutes.


The best way to do well on the NTT Data placement test is to study the material thoroughly, pay special attention to your areas of weakness, schedule your time efficiently, and keep a level head during the entire ordeal. You may increase your test-taking prowess by practicing with sample questions and solving old exams.


How much time you need to spend studying for the NTT Data placement test is according to your present level of preparation and how well you know the material. However, if you want to do well on the exam, you should set aside at least two to three hours a day for about a month.


During the NTT Data assessment process, you will not be permitted to use a calculator. However, before the exam, you can verify the rules and regulations with the authority in charge of the test.