Cognizant GenC Interview Experiences

28 November 2022

Cognizant GenC interview experience 

Cognizant GenC Next interview experience 

Cognizant GenC Interviw questions: 

Interview 1:

  1. Tell me something about yourself.
  2. Meaning of your name.
  3. Being ECE student, how did you manage to do all CS related projects?
  4. Explain https protocol.
  5. Explain TCP-IP model.
  6. What is client - server architecture?
  7. What is abstraction?
  8. Real life example of Abstraction
  9. Explain multi-threading
  10. Why did you learn c++ and where it is used?
  11. Write a program for Fibonacci series (screen share)
  12. I was given 2 aptitude questions to solve.
  13. What do you think if you will be relocated to Banglore office?
  14. How was your lockdown?
  15. What activities you did?
  16. What are your strengths?
  17. Any questions for me.

Interview 2:

  1. Self introduction
  2. Questions from personal interests.
  3. Explain your projects
  4. Languages you are familiar with?
  5. Difference between list vs tuples
  6. Functions 
  7. Why python is used?
  8. Core domain question: difference between generator and alternator
  9. Capacitor and inductor difference
  10. Toughest situation you came across in your life 
  11. How do you overcome stress?
  12. Skills of a leader 
  13. 2 logical questions
  14. Ready to work in night shift?
  15. Preferred location. 

The interview lasted for around 30 mins.

Suggestion: Make sure you are confident enough while attending the interview and accept if you are unaware of any concepts.

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