Accenture Previous Year Questions

19 November 2022

Accenture Previous Year Questions

Cognitive Assessment questions

Technical Assessment


Coding questions

Accenture Quantitative Aptitude Questions

Q1) Which of the following can be a product of two three-digit numbers xx3 and xx8? 

A. 1010024

B. 991014

C. 9124

D. cannot be determined

Answer : Option B 


Q2) A child was asked to add first few natural numbers (that is 1 + 2 + 3 +....) so long his patience permitted. As he stopped, he gave the sum as 575. When the teacher declared the rest wrong, the child discovered he had missed one number in the sequence during addition. The number he missed was 

A. less than 10

B. 10

C. 15

D. more than 15
Answer : Option D


Q3) Rajesh is known to hit a target in 6 out of 9 shots whereas Suresh is known to hit the same target in 7 out of 10 shots. What is the probability that the target would be hit once they both try?

A. 7/10

B. 11/10

C. 9/10

D. 17/10
Answer : Option C


Q4) The ratio of Vijay's age to Vivek's is equal to 10: 9. If Vijay will be 26 years old after 6 years. Find the present age of Vivek.

A. 18 years 

B. 20 years

C. 27 years

D. 22(1/2) years

Answer : Option A


Q5) A milkman mixes 20 L of water with 80 L of milk. After selling one-fourth of this mixture, he adds water to replenish the quantity that he has sold. What is the current proportion of water of milk?

A. 2:3

B. 1:2

C. 1:3

D. 3:4

Answer : Option A

Accenture Logical Reasoning Questions

Q1) In each question below are given two statements followed by four conclusions numbered I, Il, Ill and IV. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the two given statements, disregarding commonly known
Statements: All rats are cows. No cow is white.
|. No white is rat.
Il. No rat is white.
Ill. Some whites are rats. iA Mark ae error
IV. All cows are rats.

A. None follows

B. Only IV follows

C. Only I and II follow

D. Only II and IV follow

Answer : Option C


Q2) Each of the following problems has a question and two statements which are labeled as I and Il. Use the data given in statements I and II together with commonplace knowledge to decide whether these statements are sufficient to answer the questions.

What is the average of the best and worst score out of 8 tests taken by a student?
I. The average of all 8 tests is 84%. 
ll. After dropping the best and worst grade, the average of the remaining 6 tests is 86%.

A. If you can get the answer from statement II alone but not from the statement I alone.

B. If you can get the answer from statements I and II together, although neither statement by itself suffices.

C. If either statement I or Il above is sufficient to answer the question.

D. If you cannot get the answer from statements I and II together, but need even more data.

Answer : Option B


Q3) As ‘Class’ is related to ‘Blackboard’, in the same way, ‘Cinema Hall’ is related to which?

A. Light

B. Film

C. Projector

D. Screen

Answer : Option D


Q4) In a code BOXER word is written as AQWGQ then VISIT is written as





Answer : Option B


Q5) Find the day of the week on 27th Dec 1985?

A. Monday

B. Wednesday

C. Friday

D. Sunday

Answer : Option C

Accenture Verbal Ability Questions

Q1) Nordisk has recently ...... a product called Glucometer.

A. started

B. commissioned

C. launched

D. begun

Answer : Option C


Q2) The question has four items. Mark the one that does not belong to this group.                                                             

(a) Invoice     (b) Sales Tax      (c) Octroi       (d) Quotation

A. a

B. b

C. c

D. d

Answer : Option D


Q3) Pick the word from the alternatives given that is most inappropriate in the given context.

Disuse: Some words fall into disuse as technology makes objects obsolete.

A. Prevalent

B. Discarded

C. Obliterated

D. Unfashionable

Answer : Option A


Q4) Given below are sets of four sentences that form part of a paragraph. Arrange the four sentences so that the given sentences constitute a coherent paragraph.

(A) Thus begins the search for relief: painkillers, ice, yoga, herbs, even surgery.
(B) Most computer users develop disorders because they ignore warnings like tingling fingers, a numb hand or a sore shoulder.
(C) They keep pointing and dragging until tendons chafe and scar tissue forms, along with bad habits that are almost impossible to change.
(D) But cures are elusive because repetitive injuries present a bag of ills that often defy easy diagnosis.





Answer : Option C


Q5) Fill in the blank with the suitable word.

Sometimes the greatest inventions ......... an idea of startling simplicity

A. stumbles upon

B. hinge upon

C. starves without

D. lacks

Answer : Option B

Accenture Technical  Questions

Q1) Routing tables of a router keeps track of

A. Port assignments to network devices

B. MAC Address Assignments

C. Routes to use for forwarding data to its destination

D. Distribute IP address to network devices

Answer : Option C


Q2) Which of the following is not a correct variable type?

A. float

B. real

C. int

D.  double

Answer : Option B


Q3) Which of the following C++ operator cannot be overloaded?

A. All of these

B. : ?

C. : :

D.  . *

Answer : Option A


Q4) Which of the following header file includes the definition of cin and cout?

A. istream.h

B. iostream.h

C.  iomanip.h

D.  ostream.h

Answer : Option B


Q5) If m and n are int type variables, what will be the result of the expression m% n, when m=5 and n=2?

A. 1

B. 2

C.  None of these

D.  0

Answer : Option A

Accenture Microsoft Office / Excel Questions

Q1) Starting with Microsoft Office 2003, Photo Editor was renamed to :

A.  Manager

B. Picture Manager

C.  Picture Editor

D.  Paint Editor

Answer : Option B


Q2) Is Microsoft Works is part of the Microsoft Office Suite?

A.  yes 

B. no

Answer : Option B


Q3) A feature of MS Office that saves the document automatically after certain interval is called ____

A. Web Page

B. Explorer

C.  FrontPage

D.  DreamWeaver

Answer : Option C


Q4) Which feature is used to make selected sentence to All Captital Letters or All Small Letters ?

A. Change Letter

B. Change Sentence

C.  Change Case

D.  Change Word

Answer : Option C


Q5) Which of these software applications was not part of the first version of Microsoft Office?

A. Paint

B. Outlook

C.  PowerPoint

D.  MS Word

Answer : Option B

Accenture Network Security & Cloud Computing Questions

Q1) You are working on a router that has established privilege levels that restric access to certain functions. You discover that you are not able to execute the command show running-configuration. How can you view and confirm that the access list that have been apllied to the Ethernet 0 interface on your router?

A. show access-lists

B. show interface Ethernet 0

C.  show ip access-lists  

D. show ip interface Ethernet 0

Answer : Option D


Q2) What command will permit SMTP mail to only host ?

A. access-list 10 permit smtp host 

B. access-list 110 permit ip smtp host

C.  access-list 10 permit tcp any host eq smtp

D. access-list 110 permit tcp any host eq smtp

Answer : Option D


Q3) You want to create a standard access list that denies the subnet of the following host: . Which of the following would you start your list with ? 

A. access-list 10 deny

B. access-list 10 deny   

C.  access-list 10 deny

D. access-list 10 deny

Answer : Option D


Q4) What router command allows you to dertermine whether an IP access list is enabled on a particular interface ?

A. show ip port

B. show access-lists

C.  show ip interface

D. show access-lists interface

Answer : Option C


Q4) In the SSLv3 the padding bits are ____________ with the secret key.

A. Padded

B. XORed

C.  Concatenated

D. ANDed

Answer : Option C

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