DXC Technology Previous Year Questions

22 November 2022

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DXC Technology Quantitative Ability Questions

Q1) Arrange the following in ascending order:

2/15, 18/29, 7/18, 10/87.

A. 7/18 < 2/15 < 18/29 < 10/87

B. 10/87 < 7/18 < 2/15 < 18/29

C. 10/87 < 2/15 < 7/18 < 18/29

D. 18/29 < 10/87 < 2/15 < 7/18

Answer : Option C


Q2) Find the L.C.M. of 26 * 32 * 5 * 7, 23 * 35 * 7 and 2 * 34 * 5.

A. 26 * 35 * 7

B. 26 * 35 * 5 * 7

C. 26 * 35 * 5

D. 26 * 35

Answer : Option B


Q3) The value of log8(1/4096) is

A. -5

B. -2

C. -4

D. -3

Answer : Option C


Q4) If the G.C.D. of x2 - (p - 1) and x2 - px + (p - 1) is (x - 1), then the value of p is

A. -2

B. 2

C. -1

D. 1

Answer : Option B


Q5) A bag contains coins of Re. 1, Rs. 2 and Rs. 5 in the ratio of 4:8:5. The total amount in the bag is Rs. 90. The total number of Rs. 5 coins is 

A. 15

B. 10

C. 8

D. 16

Answer : Option B


DXC Technology Logical Ability Questions

Q1) If north is called north-east, north-east is called east, east is called south-east and so on. What will south-east be called?

A. East 

B. South 

C. North 

D. West
Answer : Option B


Q2) The set S of numbers has the following properties:

• If p is in S then 1/p is in S

• If both p and q are in S, then so is (p + q)

Question: Is 5 in S?


  1. 1/5 is in S.                                
  2. 1/2 is in S.

A. Statement 2 alone concludes.

B. Both statements conclude.

C. Both statements do not conclude.

D. Statement 1 alone concludes.

Answer : Option D


Q3) Problem question:

Sushil, a salesperson, was asked by his Sales Manager to meet one of their high profile clients. Due to his ill health, the sales manager was unable to take updates from Sushil about the meeting. Sushil’s phone was also switched off. On which day did Sushil meet the client?


i. Ravi, one of the sales Manager’s colleague, tells him Sushil did not visit the client either on Thursday or on Tuesday.

ii. Vikash, one of the sales manager’s colleague, tells him that Sushil visited the client 2 days before Ravi contacted the client which was the day after Monday.

A. Either of the statement is sufficient in answering the question.

B. Statement I alone is sufficient in answering the question.

C. Statement II alone is sufficient in answering the question. 

D. Both the statements put together are sufficient in answering the question.

E. Both the statements even put together are not sufficient in answering the question.

Answer : Option C


Q4) Find the next number in the series:

3, 11, 25, 45,….

A. 75

B. 71

C. 65

D. 61

Answer : Option B


Q5) Find the suitable option for the given relation:

Building : Bricks :: Flower :

A. Petals

B. Seed

C. Fruit 

D. Honey 

Answer : Option A


DXC Technology English  Questions

Q1) Select the word or phrase that is most nearly OPPOSITE to the given word.


A. Dim

B. Gloomy

C. Sad

D. Cowardly

Answer : Option D


Q2) Re-arrange the jumbled parts which are labelled as P, Q, R and S to produce a coherent passage. The first (S1) and the last (S6) sentences have been given to you.

S1: Jawaharlal Nehru was born in Allahabad on 14th November, 1889.

P: Nehru met Mahatma Gandhi in February, 1920.

Q: In 1905, he was sent to London to study at a school called Harrow.

R: He became the first Prime Minister of Independent India on 15th August, 1947.

S: He married Kamla Kaul in 1915.

S6: He died on 27th May, 1964.





Answer : Option C


Q3) Fill in the blank with a suitable option.

The new technology has the potential to provide handsome returns, even though it is at a ____ stage in India.

A. Unknown

B. Turbulent

C. Peculiar

D. Nascent

Answer : Option D


Q4) Find the word which is OPPOSITE to the meaning of the given word.


A. Ruddy

B. Youthful

C. Sedate

D. Strong

Answer : Option C


Q5) Select the correct option that fills the blank(s) to make the sentence meaningfully correct.

In any case, it seems like a travesty to reduce Gandhian values to a ________ ban on liquor.

A. Outdated

B. Imaginative

C. Prosaic

D. Characterless

Answer : Option C


DXC Technology Computer Programming Questions

Q1) Tower of Hanoi is an application of--------

A. Stacks

B. Linked Lists

C. Queue

D. Dequeues
Answer : Option A


Q2) Deadlocks can be described more precisely in terms of a directed graph called a system resource allocation graph, What can be conduced in the two statements stated below are true for a system.

1. The graph contains a cycle.

2. The cycle involves only a set of resource types each of which has only a single instance.

A. A deadlock will occur

B. A deadlock will never occur

C. The statement contradicts each other

D. A deadlock may exist

Answer : Option D


Q3) Yukta created an interface to use it in different parts of the program by implementing it. But she forgot to specify the access specified for each contained method. What will be the access specified of the methods that will be inherited/implemented?

A. Protected 

B. Public

C. Private 

D. An error will be generated 
Answer : Option B


Q4) What is the value of 10101B in decimal number system?

A. 21

B. 42

C. 16

D. 20
Answer : Option A


Q5) Function main is the starting point of execution of a program. Which of the following options shall help in making an executable program without the use of main function in the program?

A. It is not possible to run a program without a main function in a program

B. Any program without a main function shall not do anything but can only produce a blank screen

C. Two macros can be used. One to hold the name of a function and its working and the other to call the first macro

D. Any function can be made and marked as starting point using a language dependent syntax
Answer : Option B

















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